Nashville Art Plan, 5th Avenue of the Arts
Nashville, TN

Downtown Nashville has undergone an extraordinary renaissance in recent years. The diversity of its cultural offerings, the multitude of entertainment venues and the popularity of its tourist destinations have exceeded most expectations for a city of this size. Its economy is thriving, as its reputation for sports and entertainment continues to grow at a national level. The commitment and leadership on the part of public agencies and the private sector to improve the quality of life has made downtown Nashville not only a place for visitors, but more importantly, a neighborhood for all Nashvillians.

All of the vibrant, dynamic facilities and organizations are in place, however, today they are somewhat disconnected operating as groups and buildings with little connectivity to the spaces or activities around them. A key element in the city’s ongoing renaissance, therefore, is the creation of a cultural district that connects these artistic assets and energies.

The place for this is 5th Avenue, unifying the Avenue from Lafayette to Jefferson Street. Through the establishment of such a district, Nashville has an opportunity to:

  • “knit together” the various cultural and entertainment institutions and activities;
  • enhance accessibility to the arts to a broader, more diverse community.
  • position downtown as the community’s cultural and entertainment “neighborhood.”

Through a unified streetscape program featuring trees and landscaping, lighting, banners, public art and street furniture, this major downtown street can become 5th Avenue of the Arts, a dynamic place of art and culture. Supporting this would be the creation of Activity Districts allowing various areas along this two-mile stretch to develop with their own image and identity, enhancing and reinforcing the types of institutions and activities already in place and/or emerging.

CLIENT: Metropolitan Nashville Davidson County, Tennessee, Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, and Nashville Downtown Partnership
SIZE: 176 Acres